A week in review

This past week I've been focusing on the final level and adjustments to make the game easier in easy mode. And I finally bought vektorprix.com

For the final level, I've finally finished all of the dialog as well as the mission structure. I have to finish a couple of the final unlockables, and a bit of polish left to do for the final level, but it is now playable and beatable. Which is pretty exciting for me, since the last chunk of content is finished. Which means it's polish and bugfixing time from here on out.

The second thing I've been focusing on is trying to make the game easier to get into. I've noticed a few things from watching new playtesters and now I'm trying to adjust the game accordingly. The first big change was the speed of the vehicles during a race, it seems like things are just moving too quick for someone starting out. Now easy, medium, and hard modes all have slightly different speeds.

I've also noticed how discouraging it can be to fall far behind in easy mode. So now bots will miss a turn sometimes, crash into walls, and take a worse route if they're in front of the player in easy mode. I've also upped the damage that a player deals to easy bots.


Happy new year!

Happy New Year! The past week I've been focusing on polishing online multiplayer and preparing a presskit to send out to journalists. The presskit contains videos, WebMs, screenshots, and lots of information. It took me two full days of work to prepare. If you are a game journalist, or know one that might be interested, please contact me.

I've changed how bots spawn in multiplayer servers. I added a 'minimum players' setting. Let's say it's set to 5, and there is one person in the game: 4 bots would be spawned. If another player enters, one bot will exit. If a player exits, a bot will enter. And if there are five clients connected, no bots will spawn. This allows for a more consistent online experience.

I've improved a few other online things as well, such as UDP disconnection detection, max laps and max kills are settable, no more slight vehicle drift when you are idle, the timing of certain things has been tweaked for networking reasons.

There have been a ton of small changes too, such as adding lights to the tutorial levels, adding guide arrows for the figure eight level, adding different arrows to the final level, adding the antagonist to the final level as well as coding up a way for him to address the player before returning to his original location.


Christmas week progress

Happy Holidays!

The past week I've been focusing on a few things. First of all I remixed most of the sound files and I added in basic sound panning. So now sounds left of center are louder in the left speaker and vice versa. Was a really simple thing to add, only took a few minutes, and was long overdue.

The next thing I focused on was the final boss battle. I have the basic 'mission' programmed now, and the new entities required to pull it off have been polished a bit more. I still have quite a bit of work left to do on the final level, but it is at least playable now.

The third area that I focused on was multiplayer. It had been awhile since I tested online with more than two people, and was pretty upset to learn that something broke in the meantime. The clients were not syncing position with one another. I dug into the code and soon discovered that I left out a single colon in the serialization code. I added the colon back in and everything was operational.

I went on to polish multiplayer some more. I did a lot of testing with a packet tampering program called Clumsy (which I strongly recommend to anyone doing online multiplayer gamedev). The tool unearthed a few bugs that I hadn't noticed, bugs which were quickly fixed.

As for other news, Vektor Prix is entering it's second week on greenlight and needs all the support it can get. Votes, tweets, hype, anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.