Now on Greenlight!

The past week I've been working on extra polish. It started out with a small glow effect that I created, I was pretty happy with it and after applying it to a ton of things I decided to focus on lighting.

I created a relatively simple lighting system and attached it to the in-game lamp models. Then I added a nice glow effect at the source of the light and repositioned the lamps on every level. By tinting lamps slightly different colors, I'm able to make different parts of a level stand out.

The lights are dynamic as well. I'm able to destroy them (or any other detail object around the level). I know it's a small detail, but I always enjoyed being able to shoot the lights out in certain games. Lights are attached to moving objects as well, vehicles firing weapons, missiles, mines, there are a lot of lights now.

There have been a ton of other changes as well, small things like rebalancing easy mode to actually be easy again, adding additional display settings, some small progress on the final level, as well as a bucket of bugfixes.

As for other news, I've finally set up a Greenlight page for Vektor Prix! I set it up a few days ago, so it's still brand new and could really use your votes, tweets, hype, anything really.


Hundreds of changes

It's been a long time since I've updated you guys on Vektor Prix. I'm happy to say progress has been going incredibly well. I've made hundreds of changes, most of them have been small bug fixes or polish. However, the most substantial change has been the switch to OpenGL.

I was using simple windows line drawing routines before, and found a simple way to wrap that into DirectDraw to give me VSync. However, Windows 8 dropped support for DirectDraw which basically cut my FPS in half. This was not good. So I wrote a wrapper for OpenGL that would draw lines in a very similar fashion to my old routines so that I could swap all of my line drawing out.

The result was a huge FPS boost as well as 2x - 16x fullscreen antialiasing. I'm pretty happy about it. There is very little left to be done. I have an incredibly small todo list, so things are getting exciting. Yesterday I playtested deathmatch with my friend for about 20 minutes:

Stay tuned, I'll be doing a semipublic alpha in the near future. 🔗

Fixed the news

I finally added a new blogging platform, unfortunately I lost all of my old articles. 🔗