A week in review

This past week I've been focusing on the final level and adjustments to make the game easier in easy mode. And I finally bought vektorprix.com

For the final level, I've finally finished all of the dialog as well as the mission structure. I have to finish a couple of the final unlockables, and a bit of polish left to do for the final level, but it is now playable and beatable. Which is pretty exciting for me, since the last chunk of content is finished. Which means it's polish and bugfixing time from here on out.

The second thing I've been focusing on is trying to make the game easier to get into. I've noticed a few things from watching new playtesters and now I'm trying to adjust the game accordingly. The first big change was the speed of the vehicles during a race, it seems like things are just moving too quick for someone starting out. Now easy, medium, and hard modes all have slightly different speeds.

I've also noticed how discouraging it can be to fall far behind in easy mode. So now bots will miss a turn sometimes, crash into walls, and take a worse route if they're in front of the player in easy mode. I've also upped the damage that a player deals to easy bots.