Happy new year!

Happy New Year! The past week I've been focusing on polishing online multiplayer and preparing a presskit to send out to journalists. The presskit contains videos, WebMs, screenshots, and lots of information. It took me two full days of work to prepare. If you are a game journalist, or know one that might be interested, please contact me.

I've changed how bots spawn in multiplayer servers. I added a 'minimum players' setting. Let's say it's set to 5, and there is one person in the game: 4 bots would be spawned. If another player enters, one bot will exit. If a player exits, a bot will enter. And if there are five clients connected, no bots will spawn. This allows for a more consistent online experience.

I've improved a few other online things as well, such as UDP disconnection detection, max laps and max kills are settable, no more slight vehicle drift when you are idle, the timing of certain things has been tweaked for networking reasons.

There have been a ton of small changes too, such as adding lights to the tutorial levels, adding guide arrows for the figure eight level, adding different arrows to the final level, adding the antagonist to the final level as well as coding up a way for him to address the player before returning to his original location.