Two weeks in one

This past couple of weeks I've been doing some required final touches.

The first thing I did was zoom the camera out a bit so it is easier to see your surroundings. The camera's zoom amount is adjustable in the options: zooming in will give you better performance, but zooming out will let you see a lot more.

I feel like the new camera capabilities will make the game a bit easier to play. I also noticed that people had a tough time knowing which vehicle was theirs when the race started, so now all of the enemies fade in at the starting line. This makes self-identification extremely easy.

I've finished implementing the final level's unlockables, and therefore the game is beatable and 'complete'. I still have more polish and bugfixes to attend to, but it's a great feeling getting the game to this stage.

The past few weeks I've made a ton of smaller changes as well, such as making the bots more intelligent in close quarters combat, I made the vehicle speed adjustable for custom games, a yolo round where only bots are alive is now skippable (both online and offline), I fixed the force that explosions give vehicles, and adjusted a bunch of particle effects.