A fresh new website

I needed a distraction from my regular programming for a weekend, so I started recreating my website from scratch. This time I didn't want to cut any corners, and wanted to get a taste of what modern webdev is like. I stopped learning anything about webdev around the early 2000's, and thus, my methods were wildly out of date. I was sticking to tried and true methods such as nested tables, and had very little experience in CSS.

While I doubt I have followed best practices, this page is a big improvement. I wanted to stop using PHP as a crutch and make the entire website static, and therefore developed a static site generator using C#. I made sure the website was 'responsive' as well, aka it resizes properly when the window gets as thin as a phone.


Fixed the news

I finally added a new blogging platform, unfortunately I lost all of my old articles. 🔗