I've always enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the series that introduced me to modifying video games in a big way, my first (unreleased and silly) mods were for Grand Theft Auto III. As a weekend distraction, I decided to revisit the newer title to see what I could come up with. I ended up with two simple mods that are fun to play around with and decided to release them to the public.

Object Storm

The "Object Storm" mod gives you a superpower-like control over objects. Pressing J will enable your new powers which will make any nearby object float around you until you target your victim. After you have targeted your victim using your gun sight, the objects that are under your control float their way towards them. They proceed to crush your target in a most satisfying manner. Grenades and rockets that you use will be under the same control, and therefore can function as homing missiles.

Car Bodyguard

The "Car Bodyguard" mod adds four additional spaces on each vehicle for your bodyguards to occupy. Pressing insert will spawn up to 7 body guards, pressing delete will kill them one at a time. Your new body guards will find four news spots on your vehicle to sit on, and they will stand up and shoot at any enemies nearby. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, and boats are all supported.


In order to use these mods, you must first download and install: Afterwards, copy the files from the mod's zip file and into GTAIV's /scripts/ folder.