This mod is out of date and unsupported, sorry!

Bait Box

I've always wanted to be able to set up animal traps. Minecraft feels like a game where you're struggling to survive, and building animal traps seems like an important part of survival. So I've created a block that can attract animals. If the animal is able to touch the BaitBox, it will consume the bait and won't be hungry for awhile. The block can also be turned off with a redstone input.

These items attract these animals:
  • wheat: cows/sheep
  • seeds: chicken
  • bone: wolf
  • cooked pork: pig
  • silk: spider
  • rotten flesh: zombie
  • cake: creeper
  • arrow: skeleton
  • cobblestone: enderman
  • iron: pigzombie
  • gold: villager
  • pumpkin: makes everyone run away
The recipe is shown in the video. Visit the minecraft forum thread for discussion and feedback.
You must first read the installation instructionsOnly works on Minecraft Version 1.2.5Download