This mod is out of date and unsupported, sorry!

Creepy Kingdom

a collaboration with Pullahoko

Creepy Kingdom was the beginning of a new type of Real Time Strategy game for Minecraft. You will be assuming the role of a monster, allowing you to commune with skeletons, creepers, zombies, and more.

Using your Command Ball items, you can select units and assign them to specific tasks. This includes attacking certain targets and moving to certain spots, as well as gathering materials from the surroundings and building two types of houses. Re-vamped mob intelligence allows them to traverse complex environments without wandering into fire, off of cliffs, or becoming lost. This was a work-in-progress mod that we have decided to release to allow the fans to experiment with the tools we have created and get a feel for what the mod will be like in the future. The command items are added to your inventory automatically. You will also receive an Egg used to spawn in the special mobs that the command items are controlled with. They are labeled "Select," "Move," and "Stop."

You must first read the installation instructionsOnly works on Minecraft Version 1.1.0Download