This mod is out of date and unsupported, sorry!

The Spider Queen

a collaboration with Pullahoko

The Spider Queen reverses the role of the player in Minecraft by placing them in the role of a monster instead of a human. As the Spider Queen, you will be able to see better in the dark, take control of the classic Giant Spider mob as a loyal pet, and even create four new spiders to protect you from danger!

With version 5.4, you'll find new mobs such as the water-dwelling octopus, the fearsome Jack the Pumpkin-Head, and even a rival queen. Use webbing to climb walls, catch monsters and animals, and even create a webslinger to swing from the walls and ceilings! Use the Spider Bait to command your army and move them from place to place. Find enormous bee-hives and break them open for some honey, but watch out for angry bees!

Explore the darkness to your heart's content. Make friends with the skeletons, creepers, and zombies by giving them hearts, skulls, and brains. Befriend the creatures of the night! Snack on juicy flies by picking them right out of the air, but be on the lookout for angry hornets. Battle roving bands of humans, or be friends with them. Create an army and a family! Be a monster today.

Unfortunately the complete guide was lost.For the time being, watch some Spider Queen youtube videos to understand all of the features.
You must first read the installation instructionsOnly works on Minecraft Version 1.2.5Download
This mod has been recreated by the community!Follow their progress here.